One-of-a-Kind Museum Lives in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Historical figures. Vegetables. Animals. Electronics. Cars. Light bulbs. Sharks. What do these seemingly uncommon items have in common? There are collections representing each of them and so many more at Gatlinburg’s The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.

It is the only museum of its kind in the U.S., with just one sister museum in Spain (because they literally had to open another one to hold even more shakers). It’s a must-see on your next visit to White Oak Lodge and Resort.

The museum looks pretty average from the outside, but inside you’ll be transported to magical place out-of-time. Packed with more than 20,000 salt and pepper shakers, the museum gives a surprisingly comprehensive glance into our own history through neatly curated categories featuring pop culture, royalty, celebrities, characters and more.

Specific collections fill shelf after shelf, like this grouping of animals. Courtesy of The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

The museum was opened by archaeologist Andrea Ludden in 2002 who wanted to share her personal collection with the world.

Celebrating the nostalgia of Coca Cola over the years. Courtesy of The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum
You’ll find plenty of familiar characters on the shelves. Courtesy of The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

Here’s the best part: your $3 admission can be put toward the purchase of one of the 1,000+ pair available in the museum gift shop. So we suggest treating yourself to a special pair of shakers to commemorate your Gatlinburg visit!

Even McDonald’s made the collection. Courtesy of The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

What do you think? What’s your favorite Gatlinburg museum? Tell us in the comments below.

All photos courtesy of The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.
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