41% of Americans Didn’t Take a Vacation in 2015!?

Please let that headline be a typo. Have these people never been to White Oak Lodge and Resort or was it something else?

According to a survey from Skift, 41 percent of Americans said they didn’t take a single vacation day. That’s about the same number from the same survey in 2014. We’re both shocked and a little disheartened.

We all travel, and are unable to travel, for different reasons. But we also know traveling has the power to heal all types of ailments, from mental and physical health to your perception of the world. Doctors should be prescribing vacation days.

Some other facts from the Skift report:

  • Workers aged 18-35 work more than any other age group.
  • Parents with families had a harder time taking vacations than non-parents.
  • An obvious statistic: The wealthier the household, the more they vacation.

This is the precisely the reason your friends at White Oak Lodge and Resort work hard to make your vacation economical and memorable. So we hope those statistics don’t reflect the habits of our guests, because we’ve talked often about all the things a visit to Gatlinburg can give you.

Take back your vacation, America! Plan a vacation to White Oak Lodge and Resort in 2016.

How many vacation days did you take in 2015 and how many do you plan to take this year? Tell us your vacation status in the comments below.

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