Order Drinks Like a Pro in Gatlinburg [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s a popular beer, or wine, or liquor. You know what it is (sort of), and you want to order it. You’re just not sure how to say it. This handy guide to some of the most commonly mispronounced spirits is just what you need for the next time you’re visiting White Oak Lodge and Resort and you want to hit the town.

Whether you’re sipping wine at Gatlinburg’s Wine A Little Wine & Tapas bar, enjoying a brew at Smoky Mountain Brewery or getting adventurous with cocktails at Sade & Dora’s Lounge on the Historic Nature Trail, knowing how to say the name of a new or favorite drink just makes you cooler.

Here is a list of drinks that most commonly trip up the tongue and how to say them properly.


Now that you’re ready to rock a night out at Club 812 the or throw back some beer at Hogg’s Upstairs Tavern, put on your best outfit and enjoy some spirits Gatlinburg-style!

Do you have a favorite spirit that’s hard to pronounce? Share it with us in the comments below (so we can all learn).

Victoria Hoffman

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