Ghosts of Gatlinburg [VIDEO]

It’s that time again. October is upon us and Halloween haunts are lurking all around. For those who are psyched for some scares, your friends at White Oak Lodge and Resort have some suggestions on where to do your ghost hunting and have fun at the same time.

Everyone likes a good ghost story and the Smoky Mountain region has plenty. There are loads of haunted places that will send shivers down your spine, but this list of Smoky Mountain ghost stories and haunted places are some of the spookiest spots in East Tennessee.

Greenbrier Restaurant
This is one of the favorite haunted places in Gatlinburg, TN. The tragedy of jilted lover Lydia, who lived at the lodge and hung herself still in her wedding dress after her fiancé left her at the alter, is just part of the story. Supposedly her false-hearted fiance’s body was found days later mangled by what appeared to be a mountain cat. Diners claim to see a sad figure on the staircase where Lydia hung herself, so stop in to Greenbriar Restaurant for some filet mignon and, perhaps, a surprise dinner guest.

Mysterious Mansion
This somewhat silly, somewhat creepy tour of an eerie turn-of-the-century manor house affords thrills, chills and maybe a laugh or two.

Lucy at Roaring Fork
If you’ve stayed at White Oak Lodge & Resort and explored the best trails around, you are probably familiar with the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. However, if you encounter a young woman looking for a ride, you may want to make sure she’s living before you let her into your vehicle. Legend has it that Lucy died in a cabin fire around 1909. Lucy still looks for rides along the highway and can be seen in the woods near where her cabin burned to the ground.

Cades Cove
Another familiar location to frequent visitors of the Gatlinburg area, it’s no wonder many have claimed to feel spectral presence in the abandoned cabins, churches, and cemeteries that make up Cade’s Cove’s eerie scene. Photos taken have shown orbs in the graveyards, cabins, and other buildings, and one notable photo seems to capture a woman’s face coming out of the wall of one the old churches.

White Oak Flats Cemetery
The Smoky Mountains has several spooky cemeteries that vacationers eager for a scare can add to their list of haunted places to visit. White Oak Flats Cemetery is a hidden gem of haunted places in Gatlinburg, TN. A short walk behind Gatlinburg’s The Village, you’ll find one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. Established in 1830, this cemetery boasts the graves of several of Gatlinburg’s early settlers as well as several unmarked graves. Who knows what spirits might lurk beneath the trees here.

Appalachian Ghost Walks
Not sure where to go? Have fun on your ghost hunts with a guided Gatlinburg Ghostwalk. From unmarked graves to haunted hotels, the nightly tours unveil the findings of skilled researchers during professionally conducted scientific investigations while on the properties and within the buildings chosen for Tennessee’s most popular tourist destination. They are also rich with Cherokee Indian and early settlement history.

While there are plenty of other spooky haunted places in the Smoky Mountains, these are some of the most spine tingling highlights you can see just a short distance from White Oak Lodge and Resort.

Have you experienced any haunted spots in Gatlinburg? Tell us about what you’ve seen.

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