It’s All about the Griddle in Gatlinburg

The months of February and March have internationally recognized holidays celebrating the joy of pancakes (Shrove Tuesday in February and IHOP’s National Pancake Day in March). So what better place to enjoy this favorite breakfast food than Gatlinburg, the pancake capital of the South?

Gatlinburg is known for pancakes and all that goes with them, so when you’re staying at White Oak Lodge and Resort, it’s a crime if you don’t try at least one of the local pancake houses. Don’t forget to bring some sample syrups home for friends and family.

Flapjacks Pancake Cabin
With six total locations (three in Gatlinburg alone) Flapjacks is a pancake must. They have more than 10 types of pancakes, but the two favorites are the Sticky Bun (cinnamon swirled with pecans and drizzled with creamy icing) and Grandma’s Peanut Butter & Banana. Flapjacks also serves French toast, waffles, omelets, biscuits…who cares. They had me at Sticky Bun.

Pancake Pantry
Serving pancakes and award-winning crepes for more than 50 years, the Pancake Pantry is another popular stop (so popular they can flip nearly 5,000 pancakes in one busy day). The individual quantities are large enough for two, but if I ever get my hands on the apricot lemon delights or cornmeal pancakes, I’m not likely to share.

Log Cabin Pancake House
Pancakes and “secret sauce” may sound odd, but when it’s at the Log Cabin Pancake House, it’s not to be missed. Their secret “Royale Sauce” is a cream-cheese based recipe that only about three people know, but millions have sampled. Known for large portions, amazing cinnamon rolls and low prices, Log Cabin is a beloved breakfast stop. And even though they’re downtown, they have their own parking lot – score!

Crocketts 1875 Breakfast Camp
Anyplace that has pancakes called Thick Aretha Frankensteins is going on my list. These secret recipe pancakes are what Crockets is known for, along with their zany building and kitschy country décor.

Don’t forget the syrup! Some pancake houses have it for sale, and there are plenty of specialty shops where you can pick up a sweet reminder of your time at White Oak Lodge and Resort, like The Old Mill and Smoky Mountain Farms Jelly House.

Something this East Coast girl learned while writing this is that there is a common southern breakfast food called Cat Head Biscuits (it’s on a lot of the above menus). I was relieved to find out it refers to biscuits “as big as a cat’s head”.

What have you learned on your breakfast adventures in Gatlinburg? Tell us about your favorite spots.

Victoria Hoffman

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