Unified in Rhythm: Festival of Nations Brings International Performers to Dollywood

A rainbow coalition of songs, dances and stories will make its way to Dollywood this weekend for the Festival of Nations to spread and promote diversity. This is a great event to immerse yourself in other cultures while staying with us at the White Oak Lodge and Resort.

This spectacular month-long celebration, part of Smoky Mountain SpringFest, will feature 12 countries sharing their traditions through performing arts, food and art. Shows play throughout the day at different locations around Dollywood.

And each day during the One World Celebration, all of the Festival of Nations’ visiting performers unite for an event throughout Showstreet promoting the message, “We all smile the same language.”

Here’s a list of what you’ll find in the Festival of Nations, running from March 22-April 21:

Africa – Mother Africa (Showstreet)
Skillful acrobats, live music and dance make this demonstration of Africa’s diversity a herald of all things happy and hopeful.

Ecuador – Atahualpa (Showstreet)
With a strong sense of brotherhood, these musicians combine Native Incan instruments with contemporary backups to spread the history of the Andes Mountains.

Colombia – La Danza de Colombia (Showstreet)
Taking their passion for dance and music to the next level, performers will dazzle audiences by showcasing Colombia’s colorful and rich heritage.

Paraguay – Strings on Fire (Craftsmans Valley)
Mariano Gonzalez will display his world-class harp-playing while sharing the sounds and melodies of South America. Percussionist Carlos Caro will add his expertise over a vast array of Latin American instruments. Put together, the two musicians are a sound to behold.

Russia – Moscow Nights (Rivertown Junction)
While each concert may seem like an impromptu act, years of hard work and dedication went into these Russian folk performances. Using native instruments such as balalaikas and accordions, these artists present the history of Russia through folklore masterpieces.

Canada – Buddy MacDonald Trio (Craftsmans Valley)
Though he hails from Canada, singer/songwriter Buddy MacDonald is well versed in Scottish and Irish music. With his clever songs and engaging shows, audiences tend to resonate with his style.

Italy – Piano Ballet (Village)
In a unique spin on an old classic, behold this drivable grand piano that comes from delightful Italy. A modern day Mozart controls the keys while a live ballerina spins on top.

Switzerland – Streichmusik Adler (Village)
This upbeat group of musicians brings traditional music from the Alps while spreading cheer to any audience that happens upon them. With impressive yodeling and alphorn playing, it’s no wonder why this Swiss music is so catchy.


Zambia – Zambian Vocal Group (Rivertown Junction)
This acappella Christian music ministry combines authentic African rhythms, harmonies and percussion to spread a message of peace and joy. What started as a small church group has now grown into a touring entity and was even able to form their own non-profit organization, Teach One International.

Germany – Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany
Dressed as festive grasshoppers, these performers will bounce through Dollywood using their custom designed spring-loaded stilts. Be on the lookout!

The month-long festival is as unifying as it is entertaining, so be sure to stop by while staying at the White Oak Lodge and Resort. For more information, visit Dollywood.com.

Which Festival of Nations event are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Photos courtesy of Tennessee Dept. of Tourist Development.