Titanic Pigeon Forge Opens Exclusive ‘Unsinkable Molly’ Exhibit


After Molly Brown survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and helped others passengers to safety, she became a historic icon. With books, movies and a Broadway musical named after her, the legacy of “Unsinkable Molly” now comes to the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge. It’s a must-see if you’re planning a Gatlinburg vacation in January or February.

The new exhibit, opening January 17, features a collection of never-before-seen items from Brown’s personal collection, which give visitors an authenticity that the stories and other adaptations can’t capture. It also shows that she was much more than “Unsinkable;” Brown was an outspoken personality on issues such as women’s rights, education and historic preservation.

On Valentines’ Day weekend, February 14-15, Brown’s great-granddaughter, Helen Benziger, will make an appearance at the museum. Visitors will have a chance to meet her and get to hear real stories about “Unsinkable Molly” and find out who she really was.

Helen Benziner, the great-granddaughter of "Unsinkable Molly," will make a visit February 14-15.
Helen Benziner, the great-granddaughter of Molly Brown, will make a visit February 14-15.

While visiting the White Oak Lodge and Resort, don’t miss this incredible exhibit about an even more incredible woman. To purchase tickets to the event or to learn more about the Titanic Museum at Pigeon forge, call 1-800-381-7670 or visit their website.