Don’t Want Animals in Your Trash? Dispose of it Properly, or Else!

coyoteWhen you visit the Great Smoky Mountains on a White Oak Lodge trip you’ll see all sorts of natural wonders. Majestic smoky mountains. Gorgeous waterfalls. Wildlife.

Everywhere there is wildlife. When you come into their habitat, you have to be cautions with your trash.

What happens when you leave trash out in the Great Smoky Mountains? Animals WILL get it.


If you leave trash out on the porch, hungry birds will swoop in and tear the bags apart within minutes, leaving debris littered around your entry way and into the yard.


Ants can become a problem at any property when food and trash is left out. It doesn’t take much to get the colony marching into your unit for tasty tidbits. Your best bet is to keep food put away in the appropriate containers or disposed of in a trash can. Keep counters and floors wiped up and free from spills.


These masked critters are stealthy, and willing to rip the screens on a back porch to get to trash and food left outside. Don’t let a trash bag lull you into a false sense of security… these mammals have tiny clawed hands and they’re willing to use them!



Bears are perhaps the most ingenious of all creatures when it comes to foraging for food. Like their masked compadres, they will break through screens to get at food. They’ve been known to tear apart barbecue grills for leftover food on the grill. And they’ll bounce on trash bins trying to get the bags of treasure inside. That’s why you’ll find dumpsters are locked in the Great Smoky Mountains—if you toss trash inside one, close and lock it behind you!

Dispose of your trash properly for your safety, and your condos.

If you leave garbage bags or food out in the open or easily accessible locations, don’t be surprised when the birds tear open the bag for a feast by the ants, raccoons and bears. If there are damages to your unit caused by carelessness, you’ll be liable for the repairs. And you certainly don’t want to have a face-to-face encounter with a wild animal.

When you check into any White Oak Lodge condo where wildlife is abundant, be sure to read the Welcome Book found inside your unit or the check-in packet given to you by the resort for trash disposal instructions. Follow their guidelines, rules that have been put into place after years of living side-by-side with the amazing wildlife you’ve traveled many miles to see.

When you respect their habitat, they will respect your space and you’ll enjoy a harmonious vacation with local animals.

Have you ever had an encounter with a wild animal? Share where you were and what happened in the comments below!

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