Gatlinburg Fall

The Color is Coming!

Even though you can’t see me, I’m practically dancing with joy because my favorite time of year is near – Fall foliage time.

There is no better time to be at White Oak Lodge and Resort than Fall, when holiday crafts and festivals abound, and the leaves blaze from the Smokies in a fierce spectrum of color.

Now, thanks to an interactive, helpful and just plain awesome map from, you can see just where the leaves are getting ready to light up and when, right down to specific counties.

It’s called a “peak leaf prediction map” and it works by compiling National Weather Service data on historical temperatures, forecast temperatures, and forecast precipitation, as well as historical leaf peak and peak observation trends.


If you’re a science buff, keep scrolling to learn why and how leaves turn color.

People tend to think mid-October is when fall color befalls Gatlinburg, but it actually begins in September, when shorter days and cooler nights create the perfect recipe for change. Fall color makes its way along the mountains and can be seen it its full glory from October 1 through mid-November. Here are some great places to catch it.



Of course, you can always kick back on your balcony or porch at White Oak Lodge and Resort and enjoy the beautiful view from there.

Have you taken any fall hikes or road tours through the Smokies? Tell us about your favorites.



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